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Wednesday Jan 26 2022
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Inline Internet System's iHTML Merchant is one of the industry's best-kept secrets...

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iHTML Merchant:
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We now offer payment plans or leasing on our software products. This makes it even easier to get started with a professional online store solution from us. More info....

French and German versions of the iHTML Merchant 2.5 product. Now run your store in any of English, French or German to category to your local market.

Versions françaises et allemandes du produit du négociant 2,5 d'iHTML. Courez maintenant votre magasin dans n'importe quelle partie de l'anglais, de Français ou d'Allemand ŕ la catégorie ŕ votre marché local.

Französische und deutsche Versionen des Produktes iHTML-Merchant 2.5. Betreiben Sie jetzt Ihren Shop in der Sprache Englisch, Französich oder Deutsch, damit Sie sich Ihrem lokalen Markt anpassen können.

The iHTML merchant software is the ideal solution for ISP's, web developers and corporate users to implement online stores on the Internet. Find out why!

Proven Solution

With over 12000 online stores using the product and many of them large well known firms, it has been well tested in real world environments from small stores to large stores. Our customers make money by using the iHTML Merchant and that's the bottom line.

Cigars For Less!
Cigars For Less!

Cigars for Less uses a highly customized version of the iHTML Merchant software to provide fast and efficient online shopping.

The iHTML Merchant is provided with full source. Let's face it no software product is ever perfect for every situation. By providing the source, it is possible to make any modification that may be necessary. It is written in easy to use iHTML (think of a cross between Basic and HTML) so anyone with a programming background can pick it up very quickly. This allows it to be tied into any back end system or to be customized for the most finicky of user.


If you have looked around at the multitude of other products on the market, they are either overpriced or provide so few features, they are useless. The iHTML Merchant hits the sweet spot of being feature packed and reasonably priced. In short, it offers the very best value. Pricing is on a per server basis, there are no extra per store fees.


Inline is very proud of it's support and it is something we work very hard at. It's simple business sense, if customers are happy, then they will tell other people. Inline received an honourable mention from InfoWorld for our customer support. We invite you to ask our customers on our support forums and mailing lists for their experiences. We know you will like what you hear.

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