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Merchant Support Payment Processors

When selling products online, you need a method of accepting credit cards. The iHTML Merchant supports a variety of payment processors. Each has their own way of doing things with different charges and services. Check with these companies individually to find the one that suits your situation the best. Each store in a Mall has to have it's own payment processor and you can not share or use your merchant account with another company. Most of the companies below don't require additional software and the information they provide to you is simply entered into a form in the iHTML Merchant admin screens.

Inline currently supports 30+ payment processors. Inline will investigate adding other payment processors but there will likely be a fee involved for the integration due to the time required to do this. Inline supports a wide variety of existing processors that should be able to meet anyones requirements. If you are interested in having us integrate a payment processor, email us at custserv@inline.net with contact information at the payment processor

There are also a set of payment processors that will work in the merchant but require the purchase of a separate oPAYc (www.opayc.com) Driver ($150US)
These include:
Go RealTime
EFT Secure
Caledon Card Services
ECX QuickCommerce
Online Data/Blue Pay
Verisign XML Pay
Paymenttech/Global Payments
Military Star Card


Internet Secure (www.internetsecure.com)

With the Internet Secure service, merchants can accept secure credit card payments even without a secure server and can also get set up with a merchant account if they don't have one already. Supports VISA and MasterCard with both US and Canadian merchant accounts. This is the quickest and easiest way to start accepting credit card transactions online. They also don't require an upfront deposit for non-face to face transactions which definitely helps your cash flow. You can still use Internet Secure if you have your merchant accounts already.


ibill (www.ibill.com)

Internet Billing Company, Ltd., better known as ibill, is the worlds largest 3rd party billing company on the net today. ibill (1/25/96) provides a complete circle of services that help to compliment any size website fulfill their ecommerce needs. Our services include Credit Cards, Online Checks and web900. Also, through our online reporting capabilities, ibill provides the most indepth statistical reporting to our clients. ibill can have you ready to start taking orders within 48 hours. In addition, there is NO software to learn, install or download, and NO setup fees. For more info, please contact sales@ibill.com or see our website at www.ibill.com


CyberCash (www.cybercash.com)

With the CyberCash integration, shoppers can make credit card purchases (with or without a client-side wallet) and their credit cards can be authorized and charged in seconds, over the Internet (no modem or additional phone lines required). The CyberCash CashRegister software is integrated into the iHTML Merchant so you don't need any additional software.

PC Authorize

PC Authorize (www.tellan.com)

PCAuthorize eliminates the need for credit card terminals and provides many more features. It can automatically deposit and capture into your local bank account, lower your Visa and MasterCard costs (check this with your bank), and provide other savings. PCAuthorize is ideal for retailers, mail order houses, or merchants who don't want the additional expense of stand-alone terminals.

IC Verify

IC Verify (www.icverify.com)

ICVERIFY is the worldwide leader in providing electronic transaction processing software for merchants. The software enables merchants to accept all major credit cards, debit cards, purchase cards and private label cards, and to perform check guarantee and verification transactions. ICVERIFY can be used in physical, mail order, telephone order and Internet points of sale.


Authorize.Net (www.authorizenet.com)

Authorize.Net WebLink is an online, real-time credit card processing service which allows merchants to link their site to the Authorize.Net system by inserting a small block of HTML code into their transaction page. After an order is placed, the customer's credit card information is encrypted and transferred securely via the Internet to the Authorize.Net server which relays the transaction to the bank network through a dedicated line. To use this service, merchants must have an Authorize.Net account with a reseller certified by the VISA and MasterCard associations (check the Web Site for instructions and a list of companies that activate accounts). Once your account is set up, the AuthorizeNet license and service agreement is completed and the payment method is configured to AuthorizeNet in iHTML, you have access to the payment system.


iTransact (www.itransact.com)

iTransact's suite of services allows you to accept secure, transactions from your customers, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Services also include a shopping cart, simple order-form creation helps, and promotion of your website.


WebTransact (www.webtransact.net)

WebTransact is the Merchant Account provider of choice for over 175 ISP's in North America. Online merchants worldwide receive Real Time Transaction Processing of all Major Credit Cards. Whether you already have a merchant account, or still need one, we can assist in every step of automating your online commerce system in over 75 countries. Our multi-currency program provides merchants valuable real time statistics, transaction reporting tools, merchant account maintenance tips, and business analysis tools. Our Turn-Key Online Real Time Processing Solution has been incorporated into the iHTML e-Commerce product. Best of all, you can get started with our Unique U.S. Merchant Rental Plan for $99 upfront, and the International plan for $199 upfront. No Leases ! No Contracts

WebTransact provides an easy to use format for both the WebMaster, Consumer, and Developer, with transactions conducted in over 165 currencies. Both the structure and processing system allow merchants to focus on more pressing aspects of their business, with the comfort and security of knowing that their Commerce System is automated. At the same time the consumer knows it can trust the online merchant because they are certified and authorized by WebTransact.


Echo (www.echo-inc.com)

Merchant Credit Card Processing? We've got Solutions You Can Use To Build Your Retail, MOTO, Homebased or Internet Business. Large business or small, ECHO can help make merchant accounts pay off for your business. Electronic Clearing House, Inc. provides credit card processing, check guarantee, inventory tracking services and various Internet services to over 19,000 retail merchants and U-Haul dealers across the nation. ECHO also designs, develops and manufactures software and point-of-sale hardware that is utilized as credit card processing terminals, automated money order dispensers, inventory tracking devices, and casino cash advance systems.

Cardservice International

Cardservice International (www.card-payment.com)

Cardservice International is an independent credit card processor. Based in Agoura Hills, California, Cardservice International assists merchants who provide products and services to businesses and consumers around the world. Cardservice International is one of the fastest growing transaction processing companies in the United States. Well known for its unsurpassed customer service, Cardservice International offers a complete range of traditional and Internet consumer payment options. Cardservice International has a rapidly growing customer base of over 150,000 merchants, processing an annual bank card volume in excess of 8 billion dollars. Cardservice International's Linkpoint API (v 3.8) enables the addition of secure socket layer (SSL) payment capabilities to our IHTML Merchant software. The SSL provides expanded payment options at the highest level of transaction security possible. With Linkpoint API in place, iHTML Merchant can ensure online merchants and shoppers advanced payment options and security.


PSiGate (www.psigate.com)

PSiGate offers world class credit card processing services, for merchants around the world. Dealing in real-time with all major Canadian banks, and over 300 US banks, PSiGate utilizes leading edge hardware and software. Partnering with Sun, Oracle and ClearCommerce, PSiGate offers a mission-critical, secure processing solution. We also provide merchant ids for Canadian merchants. We're the key to "e". Call us at 877-374-9444.


ClearCommerce (www.clearcommerce.com)

ClearCommerce is a leading provider of e-commerce transaction processing software for thousands and thousands of merchants worldwide. ClearCommerce software features real-time credit card processing and robust Internet fraud protection, as well as online reports, storefront integration, back-end integration, shipping/tax calculation, and delivery of digital merchandise. Commerce Service Providers and online businesses alike rely on ClearCommerce's capacity to supply the essential transaction processing component that is required for full automation of the online sale.

Signio Payflow Pro

Signio Payflow Pro and Payflow Link (now Verisign) (www.signio.com)

(Formerly PaymentNet.) Signio Payflow Pro provides seamless connections across the Internet from e-commerce applications to back-end financial processing networks providing a multi-payment solution. Signio supports processing for all major credit cards, corporate purchase cards, Internet check purchases and automated clearinghouse (ACH) transactions. To better manage a company's transaction activity and account, Signio provides the Signio Manager, a web-based transaction management site that enables customers to produce customized reports, and issue off-line transactions using the Signio Transaction Terminal. As a reflection of Signio's dedication to customer satisfaction, Signio customer service representatives are available all day, every day through a 24-hour direct e-mail response center. All for one flat monthly service fee.


VERiFY ONLiNE (www.verifyonline.com)

VERiFY ONLiNE (1999) is a leading provider of online credit card transaction processing services. IPOSS, our Internet Point of Sale System has become an industry standard transaction solution because it is simple to integrate, feature rich, and supported by knowledgeable and friendly people. Premium Service, Professional Value. VERiFYONLiNE.


Creditnet.com (www.creditnet.com)

Credit Card Network has been providing realtime credit card processing solutions for Internet merchants since 1994. We service over 700 merchants across the United States and authorize thousands of credit card transactions daily. Our focus is to provide low-cost e-commerce solutions for merchants who want to participate in the awesome growth of the online business community.


WorldPay Select Jr.(www.worldpay.com)

"Welcome to WorldPay, the e-Commerce enabler Founded in 1993, our company and product/service offerings have expanded continuously since then, and we are now in the enviable position of being able to provide potential merchants worldwide with any or all of the components required in order to establish a business online, namely....
- A range of any value, multi-currency payment systems that you can use to generate income from your online business.
- Online stores, quickly and easily customized to your own business needs, with hosting for them if required.
- A medium by which you can establish your presence and advertise your goods or services to customers worldwide.
- Back-office management systems that allow you to maintain control of your customers, stock, orders and transactions.
- Consultancy services for a range of activities relating to online trading.

WorldPay's products and services are the most cost-effective available today, and allow you to commence generating income for your company quickly and easily, with the knowledge that your online business has the backing of a world class company providing tried and trusted, state of the art, bank approved e-Commerce. We are in the unique position worldwide in that we are able to approve up to 95% of all applicants for our multi-currency payment services, usually within 48 hours. During this time applicants can build their online store using one of a variety of other third party applications fully integrated with our payment systems.


WEBSHOP (www.simcom.gr/webshop/)

This service is brought to you by Egnatia Bank, Greece's leading Bank in Internet Technologies. WEBSHOP is a super-secure credit-card payment processor.It includes all security measurements known so far(128-bit Java over 40-bit SSL,signed applets) and some SET characteristics . Merchants don't have to support secure e-commerce applications. Supports only VISA cards and an online authorization takes only a few seconds. Merchants can monitor their transactions on-line through the WEBSHOP-ADMIN , once they are registered members of the service. [To visit the web page in English, the username is "webshop", password is "password".]


Total Merchant Services (www.tms2.com)

Total Merchant Manager Virtual Terminal (TMM VT 4.5) performs all the functions of a physical credit card/check processing box, conveniently accessed over the Internet through a secure web page interface. The TMM VT is fully integrated with the IHTML Shopping cart making realtime, secure credit card/check processing and setup of your online business a snap. TMS includes an Internet Merchant Account with the lowest discount rates available for all IHTML clients at no additional charge. For more information on getting started today, so that you can accept cards tomorrow, go to http://www.tms2.com/steps.asp, fillout the express application, and a TMS Agent will contact you within 48 hours.


ClickPay (www.clickpay.net)

ClickPay is the first leading global provider of online transaction processing to offer end-to-end international payment solutions, including Internet merchant account, payment gateway and secure back-office with multi-currency and multi-lingual support. Headquartered on Wall Street, in New York City, ClickPay has partnered with BNP-Paribas, the third largest European bank, and we will pass the benefits of our expertise on to you and your customers.

ICS PayPoint (www.icspaypoint.com)

The following is a brief but comprehensive overview of the ICS Paypoint "Real-Time" Processing solutions. This give details as to how the service works, however you should view the web site and take a test drive while reviewing this explanation.

I. Real Time In today’s market we are told you should be processing our transactions "Real Time" the questions remains what is real time? While most processing companies are attempting to process transaction over the Internet, receive the transaction and after a period of time gather up (batch) all the transactions for an approval. Once an approval or decline is received on the requested transaction, the consumer is E-Mailed a response. This is not the case with the ICS Paypoint System. With ICS Payment your transaction is approved or denied with in a one (1) or two- (2) seconds. You never have to recall a customer and let them know their request has been denied.

II. Login With the ICS Paypoint system instant setup is obtained once your MasterCard and Visa provider assign a merchant number. This number is submitted to the ICS Paypoint Company and a Temporary login and Password is issued. With the login codes you are now free to process credit cards. One person from you company will be E-Mailed the primary company log-in codes. This person can now add or inactivated as many users on to the ICS Paypoint system as they wish. This person will be responsible for the login passwords and administration of the service. Currently there is four- (4) level of security (which are explained in the Admin Functions).

III. Credit Card Sale Once you have login you are now ready to complete you first transaction. The screen is user friendly. The system is set up for Address Verification Service (AVS), required by Visa and MasterCard to complete the lowest price transaction. Once you have entered all the information on the screen you exicute the submit button. You will see a "IN PROCESS" window appear. This will indicate the transaction is processing and a response will be returned. Notice on the bottom of the screen is the transaction you have just entered. With the response is all the information that has been gathered for the submitted transaction.


CyberSource (GeoPay/1st Global Card Services)(www.cybersource.com)

CyberSource is a leading developer and provider of eCommerce transaction services, and a pioneer in the area of Internet fraud detection. Over a thousand Internet merchants have chosen to use CyberSource services. CyberSource provides mission-critical reliability with the CyberSource Internet Commerce Suite, offering merchant-controlled, real-time services including, Payment Services, Tax Services, Risk Management Services, Distribution Control Services, and Fulfillment Management Services. Customers of CyberSource include leading Internet merchants and businesses selling online including Amazon.com, Beyond.com, BUY.COM, Casio, Compaq Computer, Egghead.com, nike.com, Remedy and Shopping.com.

The Processing Network

The Processing Network (www.processing.net)

You're going to need more than credit card processing and eCommerce software to succeed in today's online market. That's why TPN adds a full line of high quality services from order fulfillment, domestic and international shipping and warehousing, premium fraud detection, web site design and hosting, and low rate merchant acounts to shopping carts and realtime credit card processing. You won't receive form emails or find long lists of FAQs to pour through. At TPN we value our relationships with our clients and strive to serve you on a personal level.


TeleCheck (www.telecheck.com)

TeleCheck is the world’s leading provider of paper and electronic check services, helping more than 228,000 retail, financial institution, grocery and other industry clients to increase their profitability, reduce risk and streamline operations. TeleCheck’s check acceptance and electronic commerce solutions help businesses safely and efficiently accept payment at the point of sale, by telephone, over the Internet, and through recurring ACH payments. TeleCheck services are offered through a sales and service network in more than 90 cities in the United States and in Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand. In 1999, TeleCheck authorized more than $155 billion in checks, representing 3.1 billion transactions. For more information about TeleCheck, visit the Internet site at (www.telecheck.com)

Surepay/First Data (www.surepay.com)

PayPal (www.paypal.com)

Paypal is one of the Internet's most popular payment mechanisms. The iHTML Merchant supports this in the Enterprise and 2.5 editions.

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